We live in harmony with nature

We live in harmony with nature. When that harmony is disrupted, everything falls apart. Either the external world, mother earth is disrupted, or our inner energy and subtle mind balance is disrupted. Either disruption leads to disharmony with the natural world. Anxiety, fear, and lack of self-forgiveness arise. In extreme cases, mental breakdown. We are out of touch, no longer grounded or balanced, and feel miserable. 2020 has accelerated this disharmony being out of balance with nature and our subtle body and mind. To regain harmony, please watch HH Dalai Lama’s conversation with Greta Thunberg on January 9 at 10:30 EST (Jan. 10 at 9 am IST) at dalailama.com or mindandlife.org and feedbackloopsclimate.com/ for better understanding.