Compassion is often misunderstood. This is partly because we do not have an equivalent word in English that gives the full meaning of ‘nyingje’ or ‘karuṇā’. It includes enlightened wisdom to eliminate the deepest level of suffering, ignorance. There is no weakness or pity. It is fully engaged courage and wisdom to stand up to abuse and harm, external and internal. Internal delusions become the chief enemy. Sometimes it is tough love, embraced by wisdom, and free of anger. The motivation is to help everyone, the victim, and the aggressor. Stopping the aggressor from engaging in harmful actions, lessens his/her future negative consequences. Stopping abuse prevents harm to the victim. This requires strength and courage, hence the analogy of the Spiritual Samarai Warrior. Strong and wise, but without anger or violence. Pure love bathed in wisdom, concerned for the wellbeing of all others.