Let’s face it, life is hard

Let’s face it, life is hard. Yes, sometimes smooth sailing. But around the corner, maybe right now, choppy. If we are honest, life never fully satisfies. “Can’t get no … s a t i s f a c t i o n, but I tried, and I tried, and I tried …” sang the Stones. The Buddha expressed the unsatisfactory nature of samsara in the beginning of his first set of discourses, the first noble truth. Life is suffering, unsatisfactory, angst. It is same for all of us. That is why we value love and compassion. We are all in the same boat. Let’s dedicate our life (lives) to freeing everyone from this misery. What better thing can we do? Losar Tashi Delek. Happy Tibetan New Year. Happy Valentine’s Day with love. E