Guilt is unhealthy

An important aspect of taking good care of ourselves is to rid ourselves of guilt. Guilt is wrapped up with insecurity, and self-doubt, thinking we are a bad person. Yet, we are not. Guilt and insecurity are mutually supporting. In the Tibetan language there is no word for guilt. In Buddhism there is no concept for guilt, although there is shame and remorse, but these terms are free no guilt. Guilt is unhealthy for our immune, epigenetic, and other vital systems in our body. Guilt is also a disaster for our emotions and wellbeing. Convince yourself of the harms associated with guilt and the freedom associated with absence of guilt. Observe through mindfulness your inner thoughts and feelings. When you notice guilt, remember its devastation. Let it go. Try again and again. Guilt is an insidious longtime habit. Be persistent. Never give up.