What does self-kindness and self-gentleness look like?

Healing from this nonstop debilitating trauma we’ve all been experiencing these last two years is difficult yet crucial for our ongoing sanity and wellness. How do we do it? Making effort repeatedly and regularly to be kind and gentle to ourselves is how we start. What does self-kindness and self-gentleness look like? At the end of the day remember not only the things that didn’t go well, but also those that went well. Celebrate and pat yourself on the back, without getting puffed up. When you notice self-criticism, remember you don’t own that attitude. It was imposed upon you when you were a kid, “you’re a girl, you can’t do that.” Or, “you’re not smart, or not pretty, or not agile.” Hearing this again and again, we started to believe it and own it. But remember, it is not yours. Return it to the imaginary trash can, and put the lid back on, tight.