Like the tracks of bird flying in the sky

Today is the first day of your life. It is also the last day of your life. Everything, including our life, is in flux. Nothing stays the same. Everything exists as a continuum, changing moment to moment. Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s dedicate all the moments of this love continuum, generated today around the world, to all those including animals, who are bereft of love. Send them moments of a chocolate continuum. Send them moments of a hug continuum. Send them genuine love for who they are. Recognizing impermanence begins to de-solidify reality which includes our ego. This helps us to slowly recognize that things are not what they appear. When we look deeper, things are less clear. They take on a dream-like appearance. Like a façade, nothing is there behind the word. The referent object of our word and thought that we’ve taken for granted all these years, is not there! On this deeper level, all is like space, like the tracks of bird flying in the sky