Apr. 23rd-24th Meditation Retreat in Kamakura, Japan

April 23rd-24th, 2022

“Prescription for Happiness: An Inner Journey Most of the time our minds go outward through the senses, our eyes, ears, etc. In this retreat we will learn how to explore inward through the sixth mind discovering happiness.”

– Barry Kerzin

Meditation Retreat in Kamakura, Japan

Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a meditation retreat in Kamakura this April (23rd-24th). The retreat will be comprised of a combination of lectures and practice. In this program, you will learn how to learn your mind and how to practice meditation in a calm and relaxed environment. This program will be held in Kamakura which is one of the most famous areas for Japanese traditional culture.

*Due to COVID prevention, seating is limited.

*Due date for the application: April 22nd Fri. 5:00 pm

*This program is a residential, in-person program in Japan. If you have a fever (over 37℃/98.6 °F) or any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are a close contact, please do not attend the in-person lecture. In such a case, please join this lecture online. 

We will offer the live lecture via ZOOM too. If you join this program online, we want to ask you to experience the “same” environment as the in-person program. Silence is very important when you practice meditation. Therefore, we would like to suggest a few tips below for maintaining an effectiveenvironment for learning and practicing meditation.

If you join this program online…
– Please TURN ON your camera on ZOOM. (You are one of the participants of this retreat program as if – Please TURN ON your camera on ZOOM. (You are one of the participants of this retreat program as if you were in the same place with other in-person participants in Kamakura.)
– Please make/create a silent environment. (Please turn off your cell phone’s sound, TV sounds, etc.)
– Please join this retreat BY YOURSELF. (Make sure that your family or roommates are out of your room while you join the retreat online.)
– Please clean up your room before you join the retreat. (A clean space is important to practice meditation.)
– Please try NOT TO USE ANY SOCIAL MEDIA like FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (Please try to be mindful until the retreat finishes on Sunday 24th of April.)
– If you set up a virtual background on ZOOM, please choose the “calm” picture. (Another participant online may watch/see your screen, so please make a calm environment for each other.)

Thank you for your understanding.

Meditation Retreat in Kamakura, Japan (April 23rd-24th in 2022)

【Date】April 23rd Sat. – 24th Sun.
Day 1 (April 23rd Sat.): 9:30 am-6:00 pm (Open 9:00 am)
 *We also have an evening lecture by the staff from Human Values Institute after dinner.
Day 2 (April 24th Sun.): 9:30 am-4:00 pm

【Lecturer】Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation)

【Place】KKR Kamakura Wakamiya
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/vnzJM2MiwHC8LWw37
Adress: Kamakura 4-6-13 Yuigahama, Kanagawa prefecture
*5 minutes walk from Yuigahama statin by Enoden
*15 minutes walk from Kamakura statin by JR

【ZOOM】*If you prefer to join this program online, please choose “online” below. You will receive the auto-response including the link to ZOOM.

【Fee includes tax】
*This is a participation fee. This does NOT include the accommodation fee.
28,000yen (Human Values institute members discount)

*Please note: transportation is NOT included.

*A few rooms are available to arrange by Human Values Institute, but the number of rooms is limited. In case all rooms become full, please arrange your accommodation by yourself. Thank you for your understanding.

*Each room is arranged for a one-night stay (check-in is on the 23rd and check-out is on the 24th of April.)
*A fee below is a total fee for the lecture fee, accommodation fee, lunch (23rd and 24th), dinner (23rd), and breakfast (24th).

1) A Japanese-style room (Tatami) as a single room: 68,000yen per one person
2) A bedroom (twin beds)  as a single room: 70.000yen per one person
3) A Japanese-style room (Tatami) as a family room: 60,000 per one person
4) A bedroom (twin beds)  as a family room: 62,000 per one person

*In case you want to stay from the 22nd of April before the program starts, please add No.5 in your choices.
5) A Japanese-style room (Tatami) as a family room: 72,000 per one person *Including dinner on the 22nd.

Please Register HERE
*Due date for the application: April 22nd Fri. 5:00 pm

Contact info: office@humanvalues.jp

*Cancellation Fee Policy
8 to 14 days prior (30%)
3 to 7 days prior (50%)
2 days prior (80%)
No show or cancellation on the day (100%)