The best and only way to guide others to enlightenment

In order of difficulty starting with the easiest, we practice generosity, then no harm, patience, not giving up, and concentration. These are the practices of a Bodhisattva, one who trains in Bodhicitta, or universal compassion with no sentient being excluded. The deepest level is to aspire to full enlightenment. This is the best and only way to guide others to enlightenment. In order for this to become a full practice, as outlined in my last post, we add wisdom by training our attitude understanding and experiencing the three spheres to be empty of existing on their own. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is unitary. Nothing is independent. Yet we cling to these delusions. Make the deep wish to get rid of these delusions. Contemplate about it. Meditate on it. Of course, at the beginning it will not be precise. It doesn’t matter. Just do it!