Multiple lives

Many of us are open to the possibility of multiple lifetimes. Even if you are not, this discussion can apply to this life only. Multiple lives means many mothers who cleaned us, bathed us, clothed us, fed us, educated us, and usually loved us the best she could. We would like to recapitulate that mother’s love for her child. As we’ve been the recipient many times (or at least in this life), we want to pay it forward, give it back. What better way to return our mother’s love than by loving her in the same way, as she does her child, us. Cultivating this deep unconditional love for others is the Bodhisattva path. Eventually when we experience the wisdom of emptiness, we will equalize and exchange ourself with others, taking their suffering, and giving our joy. This comes from the deep realization that we are all the same in wanting happiness and not pain.