Our sympathies go out to the Japanese people.

Our sympathies go out to the Japanese people. Violence begets violence. It brings tremendous pain and suffering to all involved, and to many not directly involved. It solves nothing. We must love and care for one another as we are all sisters and brothers in this human family. Compassion for all is being taught in schools from K thru 12, and above, in many countries. This is essential curriculum for Japanese students as well. Without caring for others, the big problems facing us today cannot be solved. The climate emergency, caring for our children and their children, needs us all to pull together to move us away from this precipice of impending disaster. Generally violence is low in Japan. Yet, pent up resentment and anger are powder kegs ready to explode. Learning how to transform anger into tolerance without suppressing it, is the order of the day.

A Message by Barry Kerzin from India (July 2022)