This has been a great lesson in patience

Apologies for a month hiatus, pause, in posts. Fb has made this account a gray account for unknown reasons. Many Public Figure and Business accounts are facing the same problem. We may, hopefully (fingers crossed), be active once again. This has been a great lesson in patience. I am deeply committed to continuing these posts, but for reasons unexplained, there are (were?) obstacles. Much research and discussion with experts have been fruitless until yesterday, when almost miraculously I was given the chance to provide more information. Today my page is active, but for how long we don’t know. A great lesson in patience. I observed regularly my emotions, faced with the possibility of no more Fb posts. There was a great sadness. But now it seems, at least for the present, that I am able to continue. Thank you all for your patience. Deep bows of respect and love.