The sixth mind

Instituto Lama Tsongkhapa is radiating light filled with love. It is incredible! At the same time, it is hot, hot, hot! We are a group of 120 people attending the Mind and Life Europe Summer Research Institute. There has been tremendous openness, fostered by the courage of each of us. My presentations were on the mind, especially subtle minds, and how through meditation we can access them. The sharing was intimate and powerful. So many beautiful stories and experiences offered to the whole community were moving and profound. Some were painful, courageous nevertheless. We focused on the 6th mind, the mental consciousness. This sixth mind, of six primary minds, that change moment to moment, is independent from our senses. Grossly, it is conceptual, i.e. thinking. A subtler mind is intuition. It is nonconceptual. We discussed and accessed subtler minds like intuition through practicing the 9-Round Breathing (see the Altruism in Medicine Institute website YouTube channel). The realization came that extrapolating and extending normal intuition, we can arrive (someday) at fully accurate and always available intuition that knows all beings’ minds, both past, present, and future, is the state of enlightenment! This means enlightenment is possible!