The mind like every other composite thing is a continuum

Just as an ice cream shop has many flavors of ice cream, so too does the mind, or consciousness, have many flavors of subtlety. The mind like every other composite (produced) thing is a continuum. Each moment of mind, like a bead on a mala (rosary), is a constellation of different aspects. Each moment of mind has one primary mind and many secondary (mental factors) minds. The first 5 primary minds are related to the 5 senses. The 6th primary mind is called mental consciousness. It has varying degrees of subtlety. The most gross, or unrefined 6th mind, is the thinking mind. It is conceptual involving language and words. A subtler 6th mind is the dream mind, where the senses are inactive. A subtler 6th mind yet, is intuition. This is a nonconceptual mind. Even subtler 6th minds are the subtlest minds that manifest at the time of death. These are extremely subtle so hard to understand. They are called the minds of ‘white appearance,’ ‘red increase,’ ‘black near-attainment,’ and ‘clear light, or luminosity.’ These subtlest 6th minds are not only nonconceptual, but are also nondual. That is, no recognition of me the subject, or any object.