Seven stages of mrntal development

Bodhicitta is the wish and action of becoming enlightened to bring all beings to this same glorious state. To do this we practice seven stages of mental development. We set the stage by equalizing everyone based on our common wish to be happy. The first stage is to remember that all beings have been our kind mothers (or whomever showed us the most kindness). The second stage is to reflect on her kindness. The third stage comes almost automatically. It is the wish to repay her kindness. How can we do this? Through the fourth stage of cultivating love for all our mothers. And then through the fifth stage of cultivating compassion, to remove all suffering, for all our mothers. Then through the sixth stage of cultivating the altruistic intention to work for the benefit of all our mothers. Finally through the last, seventh stage of cultivating Bodhicitta, the wish and action to become a fully enlightened Buddha in order to bring all our mothers to this same glorious state.