March 11 Disaster Message for Japan

March 11 Disaster Message to the Japanese People

It is almost three years since the biggest disaster the Jaanese people have suffered since world war two. Much of the residual is now invisible. This causes tremendous fear and anxiety in many peoples’ hearts and minds. We can redirect that fear and anxiety towards helping ourselves and others, rather than be overwhelmed by it.

The 19-year-old gold medal skater Yuzuru is from Sendai. He barely was able to survive. He even thought of giving up skating to help the family rebuild what they had lost. The skating rink where he practiced was totally closed. He was invited to a skating event and started to skate again. He moved to Canada to focus once again on his skating. There he regained his strength and poetry of skating and went on to win an Olympic Gold Medal. This is very encouraging and touching news for survivors. There is a life ahead of us. We must make effort to find it.

We have incredible potential inside of all of us. If we tap into it, we can do amazing things while finding happiness. Please keep the spirit strong filled with courageous. We’ve done it before and we can do it again.

My Very Best Wishes,

Ven. Dr. Barry Kerzin
Founder and Chairman
Human Values Institute, Tokyo

Feb. 27, 2014