Shikoku Pilgrimage with Dr. Barry 2016 in Japan

“Shikoku Pilgrimage – Shikoku Junrei – with Dr. Barry” in Japan

Human Values Institute will have “The 4th Shikoku Pilgrimage – Shikoku Junrei” in November 2016.

During this Journey, you will follow the route that Kukai (Kobo-Daishi) used for his training.

“Kukai” is the name of Kobo-Daishi. “Kukai” means “the human mind is as wide and open as the seas and skies. You will transform your mind through this “Inner Journey” and then, experience convergence with the external world through this “Outer Journey – Shikoku Pilgrimage”.  Dr. Barry Kerzin


November 23 (Wed, National Holiday) – November 27 (Sun), 2016

Meet at Kochi Airport (Kochi Ryoma Airport) or JR Kochi Station around 11:45 on Nov. 23rd.
End around 15:00 and Depart from Tokushima airport or station after 15:45 on Nov.27th.

From Kochi Prefecture to Tokushima Prefecture (Shikoku Area in Western Japan)

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【Registration】 Please fill out the form.
Or please contact Mr. Masaaya Ozawa at JTB (Japan Travel Bureau), Utsunomiya branch.
TEL:+81-(28)-614-2171 FAX: +81-(28)-614-2005
Further information provided after registration.

<Fees>Apply by 10/17/2016 to receive early bird discount

Early bird discount until 10/17/2016: 128,000 yen (tax included)
From 10/18/2016: 137,000 yen (tax included)
Student discount: 113,000 yen (tax included)
Human Values Members: 113,000 yen (tax included)

※These fees don’t include outward and homeward trip. So each person needs to arrange own transportation to arrive at Kochi City and leave from Tokushima by air, train or express bus.


・Day 1

11/23 (Wed) AM 11:45  Meet at Kochi Airport (Kochi Ryoma Airport) or Kochi Station

Lectures & visit  pilgrimage sites and Buddhist temples

Stay at Katsurahama Sou, Public Inn, Hotel

・Day 2

11/24 (Thu) AM  Drive and walk to Hotsumisakiji Temple, Muroto Cape

Lectures & Visit to pilgrimage sites and temples

Stay at Hotsumisakiji Temple Inn (2 nights)

・Day 3

11/25 (Fri) AM  Lectures and visit the caves at Muroto Cape

where Kobodaishi (Kukai) lived and practiced

Stay at Hotsumisakiji Temple Inn

・Day 4

11/26 (Sat) AM  Drive and walk to Tokushima prefecture

Lectures & Visit to pilgrimage sites and temples

Stay at Anrakuji Temple Inn

・Day 5

11/27 (Sun) AM  Visit temples in Tokushima

Lectures & visit pilgrimage sites and Buddhist temples

Around 3 pm  break up at Tokushima Station or Tokushima Airport

Please note: Transportation – Each person needs to arrange own transportation to arrive at Kochi City and leave from Tokushima by air, train or express bus.

【Outward trip】Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

1) 9:50 Haneda Airport, Tokyo → 11:15 Kochi Airport (Kochi Ryoma Airport) (direct flight)

2) 08:55 Fukuoka Airport → 09:50 Kochi Airport (Kochi Ryoma Airport) (direct flight)

3) 10:20 Itami Airport, Osaka → 11:05 Kochi Airport (Kochi Ryoma Airport) (direct flight)

4) 07:59 Shin-Osaka Station, Osaka  → 11:30 Kochi Station, Kochi Prefecture (by JR train)

5) 06:32 Hakata Station, Fukuoka Prefecture  → 11:30 Kochi Station, Kochi Prefecture (by JR train)

6) Other

Take the bus from Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama or Hiroshima to Kochi city. (Japanese only)

【Homeward trip】leave Tokushima Prefecture on Sunday evening, November 27, 2016.

1) 16:15/17:30/18:50/20:00 Tokushima Airport

→ 17:30/18:45/20:10/21:10 Haneda Airport,Tokyo (direct flight)

2) 16:46 Tokushima Station → 20:39 Hakata Station, Fukuoka Prefecture (by JR train)

3) 16:46 Tokushima Station  → 19:42 Shin-Osaka Station, Osaka (by JR train)

4) Tokushima Station → Kansai International Airport (by bus)

5) Tokushima Station Kyoto, Okayama or Hiroshima (by bus)


Let’s take a break from the busy everyday life and reflect on ourselves in deep calmness.

Further details will be provided at a later.

Message from Dr.Barry Kerzin

This fall 2016 we are planning our next sacred pilgrimage in Shikoku. People have consistently come away from these pilgrimages we’ve organized in the past enriched and happy. Our pilgrimage in beautiful Shikoku will provide the setting for our inner pilgrimage. We shall sometimes be in silence, sometimes meditate, sometimes walk, sometimes laugh, and continually unite our minds and hearts with the surrounding beautiful nature. In this way for several days we shall become one with nature, our inner and the outer worlds. Please join us and become free and happy for several days.

Invitation to Inner Journey
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