“Leonardo DiCaprio matures his childhood fascination with species extinction to becoming an international expert on climate change. He is devoting his life and resources to tell the story before it’s too late. In this remarkable documentary produced by National Geographic Leonardo travels around the world observing and directly witnessing environmental degradation in Greenland with the massive glacier recessions, the massive Indonesian forest burning to produce palm oil for junk food, the coal burning pollution making Beijing air carcinogenic, etc. It is the most powerful and accurate film on climate change to date. Please do not miss it. Share it with others. You can do something about climate change. Do it now!

All of us have responsibilities to save our planet, human beings, and all animal life.
This is the biggest challenges we, humanities, face in the whole history.

Paramount in this effort is the responsible leadership.

That role must be played by business leaders, politicians and leaders in academia and leaders in the public domain.

The central pillar in responsible leadership is a genuine concerns for people and animals.

As this planet is rapidly being destroyed, already we are seeing tremendous suffering around the world.

In many groups of humans and animals, acting compassionately is a core to our responsibilities of global leaders, every person in the world.

Please do not neglect your quintessential responsibilities.

Tomorrow in my preliminary speech, in my outline, I will include
how to be a more compassionate responsible leaders.

Following that, I introduce various perspectives in panel discussions as well. ”

Barry Kerzin

See this link:

DiCaprio and National Geographic’s ‘Before the Flood’ amazing film on Climate Change.

2016.11.06 Global Leadership Training