Questionnaire results of the lecture at a University hospital

Results of questionnaires at university hospitals from a lecture ‘Compassion in Medicine’


*PT/OT … Physical Therapists/Occupational Therapists



  • I had a chance to think what about what compassion really means.
  • It was very helpful to learn how to keep our mind calm in any situation.
  • I learned how to live happily as a human being.
  • I learned how to observe my mind objectively in daily life.
  • I gained new insights. Also, it was good to have a chance to practice meditation.
  • It was good to hear Dr. Barry’s opinions about terminal care, and also to practice meditation.
  • I became calmer than before. I hope more people will have a chance to hear this.
  • I had a chance to see myself more. Also, I realize how much I’ve been affected by information and voices from others.


  • I was very moved.
  • Barry’s words were simple, specific and easy to understand.
  • Barry’s warm message that we can make others happy by our state of mind was very touching for me. I felt happy to have something I can do in a given situation.
  • I could understand more deeply about human emotions by the teachings.
  • It was good that Dr. Barry showed us scientific facts clearly.

■4. Please give us your feedback about this lecture .

  • I’ll try to be more gentle and generous. I’ll also try meditation.
  • The teaching should be good for the people not only with medical background but also for all generations and races.
  • I am a teacher and came here because I thought I needed to learn about the mind of a monk to guide students who have many difficulties.
  • It was beneficial for me. The theme was connected to our daily life, such as the number of suicides among young people. I hope Dr. Barry will teach this to our students.
  • I had just experienced anger before I arrived at the venue, but as I was listening to the teaching, I felt ashamed about my ego. During the lecture I experienced that my mind naturally became calm. Thank you very much.
  • It reminded me of important things for me.
  • As a medical caregiver and human being, it was a precious time to realize the mind of compassion. Thank you very much.
  • I would like to become someone who can care both about myself, and others.
  • I’ll try to practice meditation every morning. I became happy.
  • The meditation we did altogether at the end was very good. I could feel Dr. Barry’s beautiful energy and generous personality.
  • As mindfulness has become popular these days I have been practicing it a little bit. It was nice to practice with others today. I related to the idea of death as a natural process.

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