Lhabab Duchen

There are four days in a year that are very special in Buddhism. Today is one of those days. It is called Lhabab Duchen. ‘Lhabab’ means to descend from the celestial realm implying back to the earthly realm. ‘Duchen’ is a great festival. It is the day the Buddha returned from the celestial realm (heaven of 33) after liberating his mother there, to guide all of us in the earthly (form) realm to enlightenment. This is a very special day. Actions today are multiplied many-fold, maybe 10,000 times. We must take extra care with our behavior, words, and thoughts today to make them as positive as we can. Help others, even in your thoughts and wishes. When you have a chance to help others, even with a smile or kind words do so. Also enjoy the richness of today and feel happy.