The beginning of a new year 2018

Today is the beginning of a new year 2018. It is good time to set our motivations and commitments for the New Year. We might make a promise to ourself to reduce our anger in 2018. To do this, our work will be internal with the help of mindfulness. We observe early signs of anger — irritability, frustration, rapid heartbeat or respiration, an uncomfortable situation or person, etc. Thinking, “I might be getting angry,” we apply an antidote. Think the other person is not happy since provocative people are not happy. Why is she not happy? Maybe there are relationship problems, health worries, or financial worries? Taking less than a minute thinking this way derails early anger without suppressing it. Of course this must be practiced many times for it to be effective. Happy New Year to all with wishes for happiness, good health, and meaning in 2018.