Distorting reality

Imagining our early anger as a cloud that dissipates, transforming anger into tolerance, can be very effective. Yet to fully get rid of our anger, and all of our destructive emotions like jealousy, pride, greed, and ignorance, we must understand Buddhist wisdom. This is because all the destructive emotions arise due to distorting reality. This we call ‘ignorance’. We take things, especially ourselves, to be permanent, solitary, and independent. As a result when we perceive a threat to our self, we react with aversion, anger, and fear. When we perceive something beneficial, we react with attachment. These harmful emotions push us into action, creating karma. Karma then leads to all kinds of suffering. So to completely uproot anger and the other destructive emotions we must uproot ignorance. The only method is Buddhist wisdom, to understand our self and everything else to be changing moment to moment (impermanent), made of parts, and dependently arising. This is the Buddhist wisdom of dependent arising. This is the Buddhist wisdom of emptiness.