Identify the early signs of anger

Once we learn to identify the early signs of anger like irritation, fast heartbeat, etc. then we can go to work. There are several approaches to shift the early anger so that it does not become full blown. Firstly, visualize the early anger as a cloud drifting across the sky. As it does, it fades and totally dissolves. Another approach is to visualize your early anger as a crystal ball that you hold in your hand. Visualize dropping it on a cement floor where it shatters into thousands of pieces. These approaches do not work the first time. We must be diligent and NEVER GIVE UP TRYING! Eventually these methods will work. Notice that we are not suppressing our early anger. Suppressing just allows the anger to build up and one day it explodes. There is another method that we’ll save for later. Happiness and anger are like oil and water; they block each other. So go to work!