The practice of patience

Not neglecting generosity, but adding to it, we move to the practice of patience. This we’ve discussed in more detail under the heading of anger management in several recent posts, but I will summarize, as it is so important for all of us. The key is early recognition. This requires mindfulness, looking inward observing our current inner state of mind – thoughts, feelings, emotions, mood, bodily sensations, etc. Get familiar with your early anger signs – irritability, frustration, fast heart rate, fast breathing, withdrawing or becoming aggressive, etc. When looking inward if you notice any of these, go into anger management mode. Apply the imagination of the shattered crystal ball, or the dissolving cloud, or the “stick.” For more on these see my last few posts. Or think the other person in the anger dance is not happy – maybe harsh words with a lover; financial insecurity; or health concerns. All of this helps keep us cool, calm, and collected without suppressing anger.