‘Wellbeing’ has now become a household word. But what exactly does it mean? The notion of human flourishing begins to unpack it. Mindfulness is involved; to be in the present observing our inner life. Beyond observing is changing our negativity when recognized, but not through suppressing it. Compassion is an essential ingredient in wellbeing since it is a win-win situation. The other person benefits, and we benefit by feeling filled and meaningful. Resilience is included; the ability to bounce back from adversity even stronger than before. Forgiveness makes us feel lighter and happier, so it is also included. Gratitude brings even more happiness and contentment, so it too is included. Reducing anger, jealousy, and pride makes us happier, opening the heart to more love and compassion, so this too must be included. In this way wellbeing is a complex delicious cake made from many ingredients.