None of us are perfect

None of us are perfect. And that is o.k. In fact, it is better than o.k. since it gives each and every one of us a chance to be a better person. The opportunity to grow, mature, and become happier is a blessing that each and every one of us has imbedded deep in our hearts. It is a privilege and a right to be happy. We all have this precious gift. Please make the best use of it. Of course the path is fraught with challenges and obstacles; sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. Regardless, it is all part of the bigger picture of growth, happiness, and wellbeing. Without occasional failures we do not grow. Failing is precious for it allows us to learn, gain more experience and inspires us to do better. This comes from not being perfect. This is so beautiful. So please do not get too attached to success and not too discouraged with failure. Both are part of growth, maturity, and wellbeing.