Being kind to ourselves

Being kind to ourselves is crucial; self-kindness radiates out naturally as kindness to others. There is a deeper recognition here. We are all actually connected in more and deeper ways than we realize. We are really all sisters and brothers, all 7.3 billion of us humans and all the animals and living beings. It is one huge family. Recognizing sameness is often forgotten. Usually we focus on differences. Of course these are there, but on a deeper level of our existence there is commonality, sameness. We all want peace of mind and not to feel hurt. This recognition brings us together. It is like our old identification with only this body. If the hand is injured we do everything in our power to heal it. With this new expanded “one family” recognition, if one member of the family hurts, we will try to do whatever we can to relieve the pain. This is our bigger purpose in life. It is a win-win situation. All of us feel connected and loved like brothers and sisters.