Offer happiness and peace to all my mother

This awesome text on compassion written nearly 1300 years ago, called ‘8 Verses of Mind Training’ by the humble Samurai Spiritual Warrior Langri Thangpa.’ Verse 7 reads:
“In short, may I directly and indirectly
Offer happiness and peace to all my mothers;
And all their negativity and suffering
May I secretly take upon myself.”
This is beyond incredible – taking everyone’s suffering away from them and giving them all my happiness. WOW! Is this possible? Some have accomplished this, probably HH Dalai Lama. This is called TONG LEN in Tibetan, or “Taking (others’ suffering) and Giving (all our happiness and roots of happiness to others).
Please do not become disappointed if you feel you can’t do this. We all feel the same way. It is a long-term goal to work towards. It brings unfathomable bliss.