8 Verses of Training the Mind

Please remember the ‘8 Verses of Training the Mind (in compassion)’ is meant to be lifelong study and practice. The last verse is particularly tough all about the Buddhist wisdom of reality not being what we think it is. So we go at it slowly, step-by-step. We do not beat ourselves up. That defeats the purpose of becoming happier and more loving with others and ourself. Forgiveness is key here. We must allow ourself to make mistakes, to not understand, and even become a bit frustrated. That is all o.k. In fact, it is essential as part of the process of learning, growing, and experiencing. Please do not expect that you can understand it all in one or two goes. It takes time, in fact a lifetime, or even several! The fact that we are engaging with such a precious text is cause for celebration! Roll out the drums; bring in the horns, and throw the confetti in the air!