Jealousy and negative judgment

Jealousy and negative judgment are quite common, yet they do not make us feel good. Usually they constrict our heart and make us feel closed. Not recognizing jealously and negative judgment, as they usually hide “under the radar,” we don’t know why we feel closed and anxious. Mindfulness is the key to recognition. Looking inward in the present moment to observe our inner life of thoughts, emotions, mood, and sensations in the body is mindfulness. When we identify jealousy or negative judgment, more than half the battle is done. We have the choice to react in the old habitual familiar way with jealousy and negative judgment that make us feel lousy, or we can transform them into appreciation. We tell ourself, “I do not need to reflexively follow my old bad habits. I have a choice to practice appreciation instead.” It this way we emotionally grow up and mature.