In the US it is Memorial Day, commemorating soldiers who gave their lives for this country. So they did not die in vain, may conflict be resolved peacefully without violence and war. In the world we celebrating Saga Dawa: the birth, parinirvana, and enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Enlightenment honors all mother sentient beings who gave birth to us countless times. When we die, our body dies, but not the mind. The stream of consciousness lives on. It is made up of individual moments of mind, each one arising from a preceding moment of mind. Thus there is no beginning to our mind continuum. Each time we’ve taken rebirth (in womb-born realms) we’ve had a mother. Hence we all have countless mothers. Where are they? Look around. Each and every living being has been our mother countless times. HAPPY SAGA DAWA to all our mothers. Let’s honor them through positive actions of body, speech, and mind. See my Instagram — aimicompassion. Emaho!