Life’s challenges can be daunting sometimes

Life’s challenges can be daunting sometimes. What do we do when faced with huge obstacles? We may freak out! That’s o.k. provided we calm down we get courageous and strong. Emotionally let’s step back to see the larger perspective. Do the 9-round breathing if you know it. Or, meditate on the breath, or do some walking meditation to calm the energies and emotions down. Then with more calmness and perspective see what can he done to solve or at least ease the situation. If we find we are frightened and anxious, and angry is around the corner, work on recognizing the early signs of anger and apply the antidotes as we discussed in recent posts. Take a break. Go outside and feel the elements. Feel nature; let it completely soak your being. Breathe a few deep, cleansing breaths. Remember this situation is temporary. Things will look different in the morning. Please be gentle with yourself. It is not necessary to beat yourself up. Then look again at the problem from a practical, non-emotional perspective and consider the best action, if any.