We all want to be happy, and none of us wants to hurt

Living a life of humility, simplicity, and helping others is meaningful. It brings joy along with deeper satisfaction and contentment. These qualities are often lacking in today’s environment. Being humble counters the tendency not only of feeling better than others, but also of feeling inferior to others. For even feeling inferior is another form of ego-grasping, of preoccupation with the self. Concern for others frees us of so many troubles. There are different stages in cultivating compassion. Practicing compassion expecting something in return is fine albeit limited. Expecting a smile, a “thank you,” or a gift limits the benefit of our compassion. As we realize more and more the deeper truth that unites us all – “we all want to be happy, and none of us wants to hurt” – we help others just because they want to be happy. Broadening our beneficiaries makes our compassion even purer. Eventually everyone is included, and no one is excluded from our compassion, even though we may fight (without anger) opposing their actions. As we make our compassion even purer, we realize our own limitations. Then we work on clearing out our negativities enhancing our ability to help others.