Polishing the tarnished love we all have inside

Love makes the world go around. It moves mountains. It brings inner peace not only to oneself but also to those around us. It is the deepest nature of the mind, inseparable from wisdom realizing emptiness. There are no boundaries. It is limitless. Its reach has no limits. It is totally inclusive. No one at all is excluded. So why not work at polishing the tarnished love we all have inside? Humility is required. Letting go of the tightly grasped ego is indispensable. Ego and love are like a teeter-tooter. When ego goes down, automatically love goes up. Self-love and compassion are also necessary. Forgiving ourselves is also part of creating this beautiful cake, called ‘torma’ in Tibetan. It is not only a cake, but on a deeper level the enlightened mind of a Buddha.