Pleasure and pain

We are down to the last pair of the 8 worldly activities, pleasure and pain. While it is not bad to enjoy pleasure, getting too attached and being “led by the nose” disrupts our life. Pleasure is fleeting anyway. It never lasts, and sometimes turns into its opposite like a buffet and latter indigestion. We run away from pain, or at least the idea and concept of pain. When we observe closely, we see changing sensations moment by moment. Not such a big deal. Pleasure and pain are sensorial experiences, touching the surface of our existence. With courage and a little insight we dive deeper into the richness of nonconceptual experience. It opens up the horizons and depths of experience to the inner peace and joy that money cannot buy. It is the fabric woven by love and insight. Sometimes just let go. Just let go and fly into the unknown richness of nonconceptual experience infused with love.