We often take things for granted

We often take things for granted. Being alive at the same time as the most remarkable, humble, compassionate, loving, and wise Buddha, we take for granted. You who are here on this planet solely to teach and guide us to lasting deepest peace and happiness. This Buddha is none other than you, Your Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is with the deepest gratitude, love, and respect that we celebrate your birthday, Your Holiness. It means that you have intentionally come to this earth 83 years ago to teach and guide us all, including animals, to attain the deepest lasting happiness. You have been relentless demonstrating utmost patience in teaching us all again and again. You never tire from doing this. It is always fresh, experiential, filled with love and wisdom. We are the most fortunate beings alive, even as we live in the mud. You love us all equally from the bottom of your heart, regardless. We shall honor you in the manner that makes you most happy and satisfied by putting into practice your teachings. We shall commit ourselves to recognizing our dysfunctional patterns of anger, jealousy, and pride and transform them into their positive opposites — tolerance, appreciation, and humility. Furthermore, we shall work diligently to recognize clearly our ignorance distorting reality. We will transform this ignorance into the wisdom of emptiness. This we will do solely in order to become fully enlightened to benefit all sentient beings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR HOLINESS. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO ENJOY EXCELLENT HEALTH AND LIVE A VERY VERY LONG LIFE, AND CONTINUE TO GUIDE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, ALL THE WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT.