Walk the talk!

Now that Cho.trul (khor) du.chen is over for another year, it does not mean we have the luxury to sit back and return to laziness. Diligence in observing our actions remains crucial. To observe what we are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing is essential for our growth. If we do not know the negativities we engage in, how can we work on changing them? Are we really comfortable with being complacent and allowing anger, jealousy, pride, and excessive attachment rule us? Of course not. We have made a commitment to ourselves to become happier, and to guide others in doing the same. We must WALK THE TALK! The worst thing is to become a hypocrite, saying or thinking one thing, and doing another. Just like our birth date comes every day, as each day is new and fresh, so does ‘Chotrul du.chen’ come every day! Be courageous. Be strong. Walk the talk!