2018 Sep. 8-9 Meditation Retreat in Kyoto

Sep. 8 Sat. – 9 Sun, 2018

Meditation Retreat in Kyoto
“Discovering Inner Peace in a Chaotic World”

*Message from Dr. Barry Kerzin*

It is quite a luxury to step out of the fast, chaotic, and busy lifestyle, even for several hours or days. This is what we will do as part of our meditation retreat. We will return to a healthy mind that we have forgotten. A healthy mind is one that turns inward and observes the current state of affairs in our inner life. When we identify negativities, which we certainly will since we are all human beings, we gather the courage not to run away and beat ourselves up. Rather we face our anger jealousy, pride, stubbornness, and selfishness, and learn ways to overturn them without suppressing them. In this retreat we will learn (and for some review) methods to turn anger into tolerance; jealousy into appreciation; pride into humility; stubbornness into humility; and selfishness into concern for others.

We will learn (and for some review) methods of meditating. This will not be a difficult meditation retreat, but one to enjoy and taste something special. Please join us in beautiful majestic Kyoto for our meditation retreat.

– Barry Kerzin

Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a 2 day meditation non-residential retreat in Kyoto this September. The retreat will be comprised of a combination of lectures and practice.

Day 1:Sept. 8 Sat. 10:30-17:00 (Open 10:15)
Day 2:Sept. 9 Sun.  9:00-16:00

*Important note : If you are travelling to Kyoto you need to arrange your own accommodation. This is a non-residential retreat.

【Place】Honsho-ji *Honsyo-ji 本昌寺   Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto city
MAP Click here *It is not far from Nijo Castle.
341 Demizu-dori Rokken-cho Nishiiru Shichiban-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city Kyoto prefectuer, Japan

Address *Japanese

【Lecturer】Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation)

【Fee】2 Days Sept 8 & 9 (Sat & Sun)
・Early-bird discount until Aug. 25: 25000yen
・Aug 26 ~: 33000yen
・Human Values Members: 25000yen

Application Form

【Fee】Day 1 only Sept 8 Sat *
*Please contact us on office@humanvalues.jp
Subject “Meditation Retreat in Kyoto”.
Include your name, number of people, phone number and email address.

・Early-bird discount until Aug. 25: 15000yen
・Aug 26 ~: 20000yen
・Human Values Members: 15000yen

Please note :
・It is NOT possible to ONLY join “Day 2 Sun Sep. 9”.
・Lunch is not included in the participation fee. However a vegetarian lunch (1000yen) is available on application.
See application form.

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