When we can’t feel happy

At times feeling happy, skipping, and singing, comes naturally. Other times, whatever we do, we can’t feel happy. What is the difference? There are many factors, some known, and others unknown. A major factor is our grasping. It is a feeling of tightness inside. When this is relaxed we feel happy. This is part of the letting go. Letting go of “holding tightly.” This can be grasping onto a thought, an expectation, a worry, a fear, a desire, a feeling of jealousy or arrogance, or an anticipated aggression. Whatever it is that we are holding onto tightly, try to consciously loosen our grip. Taking a few deep breaths helps. Performing the 9-Round breathing (see my YouTube at Altruism in Medicine Institute – altruismmedicine.org) pranayama (breath yoga) also helps. Feeling happy and feeling tight are like water and oil. They do not mix, in fact, they fight each other. So, RELAX! RELAX! RELAX!