Be happy

Be happy. Just be happy. Let go and be happy. Let the inner struggles take a rest. Let go and be happy. All that inner stuff feels so real, it feels so solid and stuck. But it is not. It is just more mental shenanigans! Just more mental mischievousness! Don’t buy into it! See through it! Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Getting caught up in our stuff is just more self-preoccupation. This is bound to bring us down, unless of course it is honest work changing our negativity into positivity, like changing anger into tolerance; jealousy into appreciation; and pride into humility. But if not, it just drags us down and contracts our whole being making us feel lousy. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Consider the trials and tribulations of others. How can I help? What information do I need to help? What means might be useful to help?