When you are hot

When you are hot, you are hot. When you are not, you are not. But you’re always hot. You just don’t recognize it! Our emotional swings often hinge on minute tiny miniscule things. A glance, feeling ignored, a silence, being cut off in a conversation, and on and on. These little inconsequential things often trigger huge emotional swings. We nose-dive when in reality the other person usually had nothing to do with us. They were just reacting to their own stuff. They were churning. We take nearly everything as personal, as somehow related to us. Unknowingly we feel we are the center of the universe. Even though we may not acknowledge this, we act this way. In actuality we are only a speck in the vastness of space and time. Yet we are hot! We are embedded in many complex relationships. We influence others. Our potential power is unlimited. The force of evil never prevails, although it can create tremendous temporary havoc. The force of goodness grows evermore as it is our basic nature. We are born that way.