Forgiveness is the spice of life

Forgiveness is the spice of life. Without it, life is bland at best. Forgiveness opens our heart and allows us to breathe fully. It brings a smile, and fills the heart with joy. Keeping hurts walled off inside is like a smoldering fire, or worse, a spreading cancer. These walled off hurts rob us of our peace of mind and good health. Letting go on all levels is the path. Clinging tightly to hurts blocks our progress, let alone blocking our happiness. It is important always to move on. To move on in a healthy and joyous way. This means we must let go, let go, and let go! On deeper levels, clinging to preconceived ideas and habits also inhibit our growth and happiness. We must continually let go, let go, and let go. The wisdom of emptiness is letting go constantly of our perceptions and concepts. The famous Buddhist scholar, translator and friend, Professor Jeffrey Hopkins, was given important advice when he was young by his teacher, Geshe Wangyal. told Jeffrey that every time he saw anything, to say to himself, “false.” Jeffrey went around seeing the wall, and saying to himself, “false;” door, “false;” sky, “false;” reflection of his face in the mirror, “false.” This was practice to realize more deeply the wisdom that all appearances are false, that everything is empty. Yet there is a reality, a reality that is based on conventions, language, and words. It is relative and interdependent.