Acceptance comes naturally

Gratitude is an attitude connected with appreciation. We feel grateful for being alive. We feel grateful for our next breath. We feel grateful for the beauty around us, the trees, the sky, the butterfly, the hummingbird. On a deeper level it involves grace. The state of grace is smooth, balanced, and subtle, where the mind is calm and peaceful and the body feels in harmony with all of nature. The heart feels wide open allowing love to flow easily. Acceptance comes naturally. It is almost as if we are in slow motion, “sitting back” and observing everything without engaging anything. Yet we can still act within grace. Everything seems in harmony, flowing easily without difficulty. The mind is wide open just observing, not grasping at anything. It feels like we are as light as a feather, floating on winds of subtle joy that fill our whole being. It is the opposite of agitation. There is no tension, all is at ease, the mind at ease.