2018 Nov. 11 Global Leadership Training

Nov. 11, 2018

7th Global Leadership Training
“Compassionate Innovation”

Dr. Barry Kerzin will teach healthy mind, motivation and compassionate innovation. This program will be comprised of a combination of lectures and practice.

Compassionate Innovation: Selfless Leadership

A compassionate leader has genuine concern for her or his employees. In order to accomplish this, we must move towards a more selfless style where we are less concerned about only our own compensation, benefits, and needs. Rather we listen non-judgmentally to the concerns of our employees and do our best to address these issues. This is a selfless style complementing long-term thinking that promotes a good reputation for the company. It also fosters productivity. Productivity automatically sustains a company through steady growth. Growth not only in terms of profit, but also profit of good mental and physical health of all the employees. Without healthy employees a company limps along. There is very little innovation and growth.

Mindfulness is key. Without it we are unable to focus. We are unable to have broad perspective and see the big picture. Training the mind to focus complements our compassion. It allows us to see more clearly the whole company and all the employees. We can listen more fully and be more present with a nonjudgmental attitude. Employees feel heard and valued. Leaders then are respected. They feel fulfilled. Concern for the welfare of others trains healthy self-confidence. Healthy self-confidence is a way of living that puts no one down, not myself and not others. It brings courage and inner peace.

Compassionate innovation and selfless leadership boost morale and health of everyone in the company. It opens the heart and mind to diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion add new dimensions to the company stimulating innovation and productivity.

Barry Kerzin

【Date】Nov. 11 Sun. 2018 13:30-18:00(open 13:00)

【Venue】 Unilever Japan MAP
Nakameguro GT Tower, 2-1-1, Kami-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

【Lecturer】 Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation)

【Fees: All prices include Tax】
・Early-bird discount until Oct. 10, 2018: 8000yen
・Oct. 11, 2018 – : 10000yen
・Human Values Members: 8000yen

Organizer: Human Values Institute

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Movie:Global Leadership “Motivation”

What is true global leadership?
It is NOT just about leaders in politics and business, but also everyone from all walks of life. We would like to take this opportunity to explore global leadership, and practices that will enhance it. We will discover how to bring happiness into successful leadership, to become global leaders ourselves and train the next generation as educators to further cultivate resilience and compassion towards oneself and others. Mindfulness and other meditation will be practiced experientially as well as explained intellectually. On a worldwide level, This theme is already being studied and practiced in several countries, but may be a “new” concept for Japan. We hope to not only introduce “True Global Leadership” during this program but also continue to develop this in the future in Japan, especially for educators and teachers.

The program consists of
-lectures on Global Leadership
-question and answer sessions, and
-mindfulness and meditation practice.


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