Today is Gandhi Jayanti

Today is Gandhi Jayanti, a celebration of Gandhi.ji’s birthday. It is one of only 3 national holidays in India. Today is also the International Day of Non-Violence honoring Gandhi’s work of Ahimsa, or non-violence. Let’s further honor Gandhi.ji with 2 verses on non-violence, love, and compassion from Lama Choepa (Guru Puja):
There is no difference between ourselves and others.
None of us wishes even the slightest suffering,
nor is even content with the happiness we have.
Realizing this, we seek your blessings that we may enhance the bliss and joy of others.
This chronic disease of cherishing ourselves is the cause giving rise to our unsought suffering.
Perceiving this, we seek your blessings to blame,
begrudge, and destroy the monstrous demon of selfishness.