Healthy self-confidence

In the last post I discussed boosting low self-confidence. It is important not to overshoot and become arrogant. Therefore, ‘healthy self-confidence’ is our goal. Healthy self-confidence is putting no one down, not myself and not others. We aim to find this balance. How do we do this? Compassion and selflessness are key. Compassion orients us towards concern for others. This counters the tendency towards arrogance. Compassion also boosts our self-doubt and low self-esteem. It does this by shifting the constant focus away from me, me, and me to focus on others. In this way the anxiety and fear generated by the constant worry, “am I good enough,” is lessened by taking the focus away from myself and putting it on concern for others. We spend less self-preoccupation time, and more time being concerned about the wellbeing of others. This is the approach to cultivating healthy self-confidence.