Profound, free of conceptual elaboration, uncompounded, luminous, and peaceful

Study, meditation, and practice are important, but we must put this in action. Engaged Buddhism is the most important. The Buddha after 35 years of “showing” (according to Mahayana tradition Shakyamuni Buddha was already enlightened a long time ago and appeared in this world in Nirmanakaya form) study, meditation, and practice, he became enlightened. For 46 years he practiced engaged Buddhism by walking from place to place teaching what he had realized. What he realized was profound, free of conceptual elaborations, uncompounded, luminous, and peaceful. He took these realizations on the road! Motivated by great compassion he set out to teach others, to guide them to utter bliss, unconditional love, and the most profound wisdom. We are the most incredibly fortunate ones to receive these nectar-like – nectar or ambrosia removes obstacles allowing the subtlest mind of luminosity to manifest – teachings. Please get out and vote if you are American.