In order to overturn our negative habits

In order to overturn our negative habits, we must first recognize them, and then convince ourselves they are dysfunctional. Without doing this we will not be able to overturn them. Just like quitting smoking. To start with, we must convince ourselves of the harm to ourself, family, etc. Then we “dig our heels in” and get touch. Strong willpower is required. Then we can do it! Harm from anger is both physical and mental. It raises our blood pressure, damages our heart, weakens our immune system, and creates tension in the body. Mentally, it robs us of our peace. It takes away our ability to clearly assess a situation. If we get angry towards a bodhisattva (remember they do not wear labels, “bodhisattva”), it permanently deletes our complete store of merit and virtue collected over countless time. Repeatedly convincing ourself of the harm resulting from our anger we will gain the confidence that we can do it! We can gradually overturn anger. Please vote!