Forgiveness is letting go of pain and hurt

Forgiveness is the lynchpin that unlocks our heart. It allows energy to flow. Holding tightly to grudges and hurts blocks the flow of energy, leading to mental pain and physical pain. Tightly holding onto and protecting hurts devours our health. It eats away at our immune system, possibly predisposing us to cancer. It weakens our heart and exacerbates high blood pressure leading to heart disease. Most of all it makes us unhappy. It can lead to long-lasting moods of anxiety and fear. Forgiveness is letting go, letting go of pain and hurt. The feeling of forgiveness is a new life. We feel as if we could fly. Our load is lightened considerably. With the heart once again open, joy can flow. Love and compassion are rediscovered. We feel well; we once again flourish. In this photo HH Dalai Lama prostrates as part of his morning practice in his residence.