Taking good care of ourself

Forgiving ourself is so important, yet we often forget this. Many of us can take good care of others, but somehow taking good care of ourself gets lost in the mix. Without taking good care of ourself we are handicapped when taking good care of others. It is not selfish to be kind to ourself. It is not selfish to take good care of ourself when the motivation is to be strong and healthy to be able to care for others well. Of course, taking care of ourself ONLY, and not being concerned about the welfare of others is selfish. But to make sure we get enough sleep, eat properly, do our yoga, exercise, meditation, and feeling good about ourself has a higher purpose when motivated by the desire to serve others better. Forgiving ourself does not mean the other person who hurt us is right. It is not a matter of right and wrong. Rather, it is a matter of letting go of our pain and hurts that have been buried deep within us for a long time. They fester and create ill moods and negative attitudes. Let them go. Step by step starting with the little ones first.