Gratitude lightens our load

Gratitude lightens our load. It makes us feel embedded with others and the planet, and even the universe. There is so much to be thankful for, even though these days it seems hard to find. Gratitude is way of living that keeps us positive while grounded with realism. It is not putting our heads in the sand and ignoring what is going on. The news is sensational focusing on violence, despair, and loss. It is important to be informed, but remember there is much more out there that is positive and never gets reported. All the acts of kindness that elementary school students are performing every day in schools that have adopted kindness into the curriculum. All the acts of kindness mothers and fathers show to their children never get reported. All the acts of kindness many people show to others each day never gets reported. When we go home after having done 100 things in the day where 90 went well and 10 not so well, what do we focus on? Most of us most of the time focus on the 10, completely ignoring the other 90 that went well. Please focus on BOTH. Remind yourself of the good things that also happen every day. Feel happy about these and grateful for these and for being alive, able to take the next breath.